Lake Sylvan

In 2017 we were able to begin maintaining the 34 single DOC200 traps that form a line by Lake Sylvan up to Rockburn Shelter. These traps were initially installed and looked after by the Department of Conservation

Using rabbit and eggs for bait, we have a monthly roster where one person is responsible for rebaiting the trap line. This is usually done by one of our crew, or in the summer months, wonderful volunteers from Ultimate Hikes - check out their website for more information!

If any Department of Conservation rangers happen to be walking this track after trapping close by, they will also check the traps so it's a great system and a great example of groups working together to protect an area.

Access is straight forward as the first trap is just across the bridge at the Lake Sylvan car park; the line finishes near the Rockburn stream. The predator data is recorded and given to DOC staff in the Glenorchy office.

Since January 2016 when these traps were installed, they have caught:

1,323 Rats

41 Mustelids

 Last updated September 2023