Hedgehogs - Keep Out!

There currently appear to be no hedgehogs in our area - only a handful have ever been caught through targetted trapping in 2021. We plan to keep it that way so have placed DOC traps on both sides of Lake Whakatipu.

We know that hedgehogs are gradually moving up the east side of Lake Whakatipu. In August 2018 we placed 40 traps along-side the Bucklerburn, a stream that flows into the lake just south of Glenorchy. The stream is a natural but imperfect barrier to these pests. Placing the traps here increases the likelihood that we can keep them out. In February 2020 we also managed to set up a trap line along the west side of the lake, south of Kinloch. 

Then in 2023, a network of traps were placed which completely surround the Glenorchy township. Materials for these were purchased by the Glenorchy Community Association and put together by Whakatipu High School. The traps were then installed by our crew - what a collaborative effort!

If you do see a hedgehog in Glenorchy, please contact us!

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