19 November 2017

Trap boxes well underway

Helen popped in to see Russel this weekend and caught up on progress. Our trap boxes for the Braided River Project are well underway and we’re one step closer to that predator free goal. Great work Rusty.

12 November 2017

Bird count underway on Dart River

With the help of  contractors Mike and Pat from WMIL (Wildlife Management International Limited) the RDWT held its first braided river bird survey over this weekend. We were blessed with great weather and willing volunteers to achieve our goal of walking approximately 20 km stretches of both the Rees and the Dart rivers finishing at the delta.

All expected species of birds were encountered in varying numbers – black billed gull, wrybill, black fronted tern, black backed gull, South Island pied oyster catcher, wrybill and banded dotterel. An unexpected sighting of a godwit on the Paradise Beach (before the start of the survey) was a bonus!

On  receipt of the written report on our findings from WMIL we will have a baseline population to work from. Surveys will be done yearly for the next two years and then at longer intervals.