9 June 2015

Rock Wren Report

DOC Biodiversity Ranger Ray Molloy has just given the trust a summary of rock wren numbers in the Routeburn catchment. Here’s Ray’s notes:

I ran a rock wren survey  in the Harris Basin,  summer just gone, numbers of wren were  pretty good. There’s always a ‘but’ – another study over the hill showed a non trapped area to only have 14% nest success compared to 86% in the  trapped area. Our trapping  in the Harris surrounds is not intensive enough; I’m looking to place more stoat traps up in the alpine environment come spring. If funding allows I’ll add more the following season. Predictably our higher stoat catches this year were up in valley heads & alpine past the control boundaries of the 1080 operation. If you haven’t seen this video – it’s worth a peek: